Apology From A Republican Christian

I am a registered Republican, and I am a Christian.  Both are titles President Trump claims to be.   Neither are consistent with his words and actions before the election or since he has taken office.

Politicians have taken advantage of their party’s platforms before, and while I don’t like it, I haven’t felt compelled to speak against it because, quite frankly, nobody seems to care enough to change it.  But when someone in power uses the name of Jesus to marginalize, oppress, and alienate people, I am compelled.  It is heartbreaking to see someone stand in the name of Jesus and turn away widows, aliens, and orphans seeking refuge in our country, sending them back to most certain oppression, abuse, and death!

The very heart of Jesus is for the broken, the marginalized, the lonely, the needy, the oppressed.  Jesus loved spending time with people different from him.  He took social, political, and physical risks to go to people and meet them where they were in order to tell them how much God loved them and that He (Jesus) came to save them.

As a registered Republican and a Christian, I am deeply saddened by Trump’s ban on refugees when we have the capacity to love and help; I am shocked by Trump’s selection of advisors; and I am trying to learn how I can speak out against future hurtful decisions that Trump makes.

Sometimes Christians can be the worst advocates for Jesus.  Even the most well-meaning Christians, myself included, can be a terrible example of Christ’s love because we are imperfect.  So if you have been hurt by the church, if you have been bullied, overlooked, or oppressed by Christians, if you have only ever known the bombastic Jesus that commercial and political Christianity has advertised, then please accept my apology.  With sincere contrition for the times that I, or any other Christian, have caused you to believe that you are not loved, valued, and purposed, please forgive me and please forgive Christians.  Please don’t blame Jesus for the awful things done in His name.

You are loved by Jesus, the Savior of the World.  And when the Trump administration tries to convince you otherwise, branding their version of what a Christian is, this is the truth I hope you remember:

Jesus is amazing.  He is the best thing that ever happened.  He loves radically, and He can change your life.  He is the one who brings freedom and healing.  He is the one who offers hope and joy.  Jesus redeems!  Jesus loves you and me, no matter how we feel about ourselves and no matter how Christians make us feel.



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