I Took A Small Step

I made my first political call ever!

Probably for most of you, this is not a big deal, but for me it was a little victory.  I have never been a phone person, nor have I kept up well with the political conversation of the day.  To put the two together… forget it.

But I was moved to call because I do not think Steve Bannon should be appointed to the National Security Council.  It’s well known that Bannon believes that America should be for white Christians.  This is not a belief that I share, and so I am concerned that President Trump not only has his ear but also sought him out to advise in the first place.  Having him also be part of the security conversations for our nation is alarming domestically and internationally speaking.  I worry for all Americans who aren’t white or who don’t subscribe to the new American Christianity that this administration is defining and elevating.

Because I truly believe that lives are at risk (if not their actual lives, certainly their quality of lives), I want to use my voice to do what I can to protect them.  Because I am a white, I am responsible to stand up against racism by other white people (and because I am human, I am responsible to stand up against racism by anyone).  And because I am a follower of Jesus, I must stand in defense of the name of Jesus and not allow the new American Christianity to wrongly project who Jesus is and what His followers stand for.

So I called! (For anyone wondering, I did not look like the pink girl in the picture.)

Thankfully, Facebook made this super easy because the number and script were all right in front of me.  For anyone who would like it themselves, here is the info:

UPDATED 2/2/17: The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking comments right now about the appointment of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council at this line: 202-224-4751.  If you agree that Bannon, as a white nationalist and self-described “Leninist [who wants] to destroy the system,” is an active threat to U.S. and perhaps world stability, call and register your protest.  The calls are coming so quickly there is a recorded voice asking for name and number for call back.  Please call now!  Bannon should not be on the National Security Council!


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