Not the American Christian, but A Follower of Jesus

It’s safe to say that at least once in our lifetime, someone will do something cruel, using Christianity as his cause.  I wasn’t alive during the Crusades, during the African slave trade, during the height of the kkk, or during other such atrocities committed by people calling themselves Christians.  But refusing sanctuary for people from countries that will likely murder them if they return simply because they are from a country with terrorists and extremists that scare us…that is something that happened in my lifetime.

I must do something because I would want someone to do something if I were one of those refugees, because I want my daughters to grow up to be women who find the risk of compassion and justice to be worth it every time, and mostly because I believe with every ounce of my soul that Jesus would not stand for this.

So while it seems a small act, one thing I will do is say that if American Christianity finds the Executive Order to ban refugees to be an act that pleases God and shows the love of Jesus to His people—if this has become a Christian thing because our president claims to be Christian—then I must find another title for myself.

I am no American Christian: I am a follower of Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords who seeks out people who are different from Him, who risks even His life to rescue people who will never repay Him, and who welcomes the downtrodden, the widow, the orphan, and the alien.


3 thoughts on “Not the American Christian, but A Follower of Jesus

  1. Have you read the executive order? It isn’t a ban on refugees. Our country has never had open borders; every administration has “refused sanctuary” to some number of foreigners. Where were the protestors when Obama limited the number of refugees seeking sanctuary? Where were the protestors when ISIS committed genocide and displaced all of these individuals now seeking refuge? Where were the protestors when Obama was dropping bombs on Syrian civilians? The current “moral” outrage is, at best, ignorant, and at worst, politically motivated and disingenuous.


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