It’s been seven days since the most horrific day of my life, and I still feel like I can barely speak about it. As a writer, I’ve tried to process through writing, and I have been stunted by this horrid shock that doesn’t go away until I replay the entirety of the day. I just … More Deterrent

Love, The Muscle

Being a Christian today is tricky.  Then again, it has always been counter cultural, so I suppose it’s not much different from before in that regard.  But there is something about living in a time of big technology, big weapons, and big politics that makes the world feel small enough to demand our attention, opinion, … More Love, The Muscle

A Seat at the Table

“This food looks amazing!  I love coming to Dad’s for dinner,” said Cherished.  He said what we were all thinking.  The food was somehow always better there.  But even more than that, there was a way of timelessness around the table.  Stories regaled, songs sung, laughter chorused time and again.  It was always warm and … More A Seat at the Table


A lot of strange things in our government have transpired or been made known these past several months. While I haven’t published anything about any of it, I have been paying attention. And I’ve been asking questions… a lot of questions, mainly of myself and why am I reacting and responding to our government the … More Re-Constructing

Why Am I To Do?

Today is Easter, my favorite holiday.  As I celebrate the freedom that Jesus bought for me, I am mindful of the many people that are displaced, enslaved, imprisoned, addicted, and in many other ways not free.  What am I to do? That question is the very purpose of this blog, but it’s insufficient without also … More Why Am I To Do?

Sé Valiente

Carlos looked hard into his son’s eyes, noting that they looked like the deep brown of rich soil.  Those precious eyes that he had tried every day to make sure knew nothing but hope were now fretful and unsure whether to be sad or scared. He saw himself in his son.   A sensitive boy … More Sé Valiente

Trump, the Christian Vote?

My friend gathered with her extended family as they often would for dinner.  Given the controversial political moves since President Trump’s inauguration, however, the conversation naturally turned political. “Well, we had to vote for Trump,” said one relative matter of factly. Incredulously, my friend asked her why. “Because we are Christian,” she said in all … More Trump, the Christian Vote?