A Seat at the Table

“This food looks amazing!  I love coming to Dad’s for dinner,” said Cherished.  He said what we were all thinking.  The food was somehow always better there.  But even more than that, there was a way of timelessness around the table.  Stories regaled, songs sung, laughter chorused time and again.  It was always warm and … More A Seat at the Table

Trump, the Christian Vote?

My friend gathered with her extended family as they often would for dinner.  Given the controversial political moves since President Trump’s inauguration, however, the conversation naturally turned political. “Well, we had to vote for Trump,” said one relative matter of factly. Incredulously, my friend asked her why. “Because we are Christian,” she said in all … More Trump, the Christian Vote?

Not the American Christian, but A Follower of Jesus

So while it seems a small act, one thing I will do is say that if American Christianity finds the Executive Order to ban refugees to be an act that pleases God and shows the love of Jesus to His people—if this has become a Christian thing because our president claims to be Christian—then I must find another title for myself. … More Not the American Christian, but A Follower of Jesus