Take A Small Step

  1. Pray.  Ask the Lord Jesus for His mercy, grace, protection, provision, unity, and freedom for his people, Americans and international alike.  If God gives you more to pray for, would you drop me a line and let me know so I can agree with you in prayer?
  2. Fast.  Set aside a meal or a day of solid food or a day of media or whatever God leads you to do.  Use the time you would otherwise be eating (or reading or whatever activity you are giving up) to pray for our nation and the world and for individuals who come to mind.  Also, listen.  Ask God to show Himself more to you and to direct you what to do in response to who He is.  Whether it’s a one time or a regularly scheduled fast, let God lead you.
  3. Call your representatives and appropriate senators.  This is super easy to research, both contact numbers and scripts to say.
  4. Donate.  World Relief and ACLU (because many Christians are reading this site, the ACLU is not an organization I regularly support because of their leanings towards limiting Christian expression, but they are doing great work with the refugee ban and it is worth putting money where the work is getting done) are two that my family has donated to.  Let me know which organizations your family finds useful for caring for people in light of this administration’s tragic actions.  I will compile a list.
  5. Show up.  If there is a march or protest near you, go.  Be brave, and be respectful.  Be present if you can because there are people who can’t go.
  6. Define your family.  Don’t let Trump tell you who we are as a nation.  Let’s let who we are define the nation.  So who are you?  What values does your family stand for?  Have you ever had conversations that establish your family’s mission statement?  If you can define it, you can impart it to your kids and actually live it.
  7. Give of your talent.  Being a stay at home mom and an introvert make it hard to do things like get out to protests and call a billion people a day to make my voice heard.  I try to do those when I can, but that is not where my value is most.  But I can write.  So I asked God, “How can I write to make a difference?”  This website is what He put into my head.  What is your talent?  What do you love to do?  Do that because no one else is quite wired like you to do it.  Be indispensable because that is what you are.  Write me and tell me what you are doing so your story can inspire others.
  8. Above all, love.  Be the hands and feet of Christ here on earth by loving with His heart.  Even though I have no idea what I am doing in this political climate, I know that love never fails.  I would rather risk having compassion than try to figure everything out and never act on it.  Love your family.  Love your geographical neighbor.  Love your colleagues.  Love strangers.  Make changes in your life (getting more sleep, carrying with you things you can give away, reading Scripture, praying, adding margin into your life, saying your sorry…) so that you are able to love others in word and deed.
  9. What else?  Write me and let me know what I can add.